I was born in Taormina, Sicily, on September 17, 1965.  After completing high school, I moved to Rome,  where I graduated in photography  from the European Institute of Design. Shortly after graduation, I started working as a freelance assistant for several photographers in the city. I have worked within a truly diverse spectrum of photographic fields, ranging from still-life and architecture to interior design and archaeology.

Having gained a lot of experience in Rome, once back to Sicily, I have organized my  first photo exhibition, “The Lost Poetry”.
In the exhibition,  I made a comparison between  photos of Taormina taken at the beginning of the last century and my own shots of this enchanting town , which has clearly changed through time.  My task was to take the pictures from the same angle  the photographers had used nearly one hundred years earlier. 
Many years later, after having gained experience in different working environments, I finally decided to follow my true passion,  travelling reportage. I have done my first reportage in Norway in 2009, followed in October of the same year by a trip to Central America, where I stayed until February 2010.
After coming back from Central America,  I founded a  NGO to financially  help a few villages in the jungle of the Alta Verapaz region, as well as  children living in the dump of Còban, Guatemala.
Following this experience,  I organized a photo exhibition about Guatemala. Throughout the photos, I created an authentic  guatemalan  atmosphere using textile, crafts, wooden masks and fragrances from this small Central America country.  For the event Ivano Lupini composed some original music,  which was played to accompany the pictures.
The revenues from the exhibition and from the sale of the photos were entirely donated to support the above-mentioned humanitarian project.

In 2011, I stayed in India for three months between January and march to try to capture moments of the local every day life. I visited Rajasthan, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. 

Between  November 2014 and February 2015, I visited Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and China. It was a great experience and I hope to go back to China to complete a route through this interesting country by the  millenary culture to photograph its ethnic minorities.

When I visited Asia, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that globalisation has yet to erase all the traditions and peculiarities of so many rural communities.  Therefore,  I think that, in my own  little way, 
 I'm  contributing to keep their historic memories through my shots. 

During my stay in Italy, I  make a  living working at  photographic  reports  of concerts and theatre plays, as well as tourist  and corporate events.

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